Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Trust in us to assist you when you plan to further develop your leadership capabilities and to reflect on your current resources. Perhaps you would like to obtain a clearer picture on how you could act more effectively in professional situations or how you could progress with your career.

Through 1:1 executive coaching, we can help you to set and reach your professional goals and to find personal fulfilment at work. Executive coaching provides the necessary individual safe space to think and experiment, to learn and to grow. It challenges both leaders as well as individual contributors to stretch themselves by thinking and acting in new ways.

Get in touch with us if you plan to systematically groom leadership skills and behaviours of your team or of a specific group in your organization. Perhaps you wish to expose your senior executives, your middle managers, or your first line managers to leadership trainings in order to see a specific outcome or different behaviours from these groups. We work with proven concepts and contents to make sure that you will see the outcomes that you desire quickly and sustainably.

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»   How does executive coaching work?

To sum up, our services include:

  • Individual Executive Coaching sessions designed to support leaders and individual contributors increase their authenticity, decisiveness, effectiveness, and personal fulfilment at work (depending on individual situation)
  • Conducting individual 360 degree evaluations, meaning that leader obtains feedback from superior, subordinates and peers (incl. extensive briefing and debriefing sessions) in order to increase own awareness
  • Designing, developing and executing leadership training programs for several populations of leaders and team coaching sessions

In order to assess potential, preferences and motivators of talents, we work with the renowned instruments of Hogan Assessments, EQ-i, and LPI (360 degree feedback).

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