How does executive coaching work?

Please note that executive coaching is always a process which is designed and defined to meet individual requirements.

Initial Meeting (get to know each other)

We will meet in order to get to know each other and discuss your situation and the overall goals that you wish to achieve. You will gain an impression of how we could work with each other. After the initial meeting we will send you a proposal with two or three options how we could progress. A coaching mandate typically takes between 4 to 12 months.

First Meeting

Starting with a profound analysis (this may include the use of 360 degree feedback, diagnostic instruments and also conversations with stakeholders such as line manager and peers), we will define goals that you want to achieve and agree on the learning process in general. You determine timelines based on the ambition level of your goals and the impact that you wish to make.


During the following meetings a combination of various coaching interventions will occur: Reflection and sharing of the experiences, experimenting and role-playing, receiving feedback, visualisations, just to name a few and of course intense conversations with the coach. In between coaching sessions, you are also encouraged to read recommended literature and to maintain a log-book where you write down intended actions and experiences.

Meeting in the middle of the coaching process

In the middle of coaching process, we recommend to have a meeting with your stakeholders in order to evaluate progresses and obtain feed-back from your stakeholders such as your line manager or your peers. At this point in time we may also make adjustments to the coaching process and redefine goals.

End of coaching and evaluation

At the end of the process, we conduct an extensive evaluation of the coaching and development and assist you in the stabilization and solidification of the learnings and the new behaviours.

Confidentiality and data integrity

All the conversations are absolutely confidential. Should we gather and collect any data (through a 360 degree report or a diagnostic instrument), the resulting reports and documents are handed out exclusively to you.

Please get in touch with us if you consider coaching. We have been coaching leaders and talents (up to C level) for many years. The initial meeting (in order to get to know each other) of course is free of charge. Coaching can take place at our premises, at your work place or occasionally also via telephone or skype.

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