Diversity & Intercultural Management

Talk to us if you face Diversity and Intercultural Management issues. We can provide you with support in your regular and intensive dealings with business partners from other countries and cultures.

We can support you in discussions and negotiations with business partners with different cultural backgrounds to ensure that you achieve the business outcome you are looking for. Together with you, we can prepare the negotiations, determine the overall goals to be achieved as well as how to best communicate your point of view in order to have the best possible impact for your business.

We can also assist you with your global expansion strategies by preparing your expats for their relocation to other countries. Depending on the number of expats you have working in your company, we organize bilateral meetings or invite a group of expats to an interactive workshop to immerse them in different cultural beliefs and forms of behaviour.

To sum up, our services include:

  • Providing you with active support in preparing for and executing business deals with business partners from other cultures
  • Developing and conducting bilateral meetings or workshops in order to prepare future expats for their relocation to a different country
  • Introducing diversity to various human resources-related practices (e.g. succession planning, talent recruitment and assessment)

We work with the Country Navigator instruments of TMA world in order to showcase the dimensions of intercultural differences in workshops and bilateral meetings.

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