Talent Management

Call on us if you are planning to introduce consistent and systematic Talent Management and Performance Management at your company. We can provide you with tailor-made holistic solutions aligned to your current and anticipated future demands.

Depending on your situation and needs, we offer you solutions such as the development of a competency based role model specific to your company that profiles all your job roles, a performance measurement system as well as talent evaluation tools. We can also perform for you systematic human capital analyses and workforce planning as well as help you with the rigorous evaluation of succession candidates for senior management roles.

We provide advice at both the conceptualization and strategic planning phases and take care of a smooth implementation and follow through of the measures in question. Additionally, we support you in setting up and implementing a timely and accurate communication strategy targeted at your personnel.

To sum up, our services include:

  • Introducing a competency based role model specific to your company in order to frame and compare job profiles throughout your organization
  • Introducing a consistent performance measurement system that allows you to make regular objective performance evaluations of your staff
  • Determining the human capital you need to achieve your future business goals and/or evaluating your existing human capital
  • Succession planning for critical key roles and evaluating internal and external candidates
  • Recruiting and promoting talent effectively and reliably (incl. conducting assessment and development centres)
  • Designing comprehensive and consistent career pathways and individual development plans

In order to assess potential, preferences and motivators of talents, we work with the renowned instruments of Hogan Assessments, EQ-i, and LPI (360 degree feedback).

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