Team & Business Development

Rely on us when you want to see your team increasing in cohesiveness, productivity and overall effectiveness. You perhaps have just taken on responsibility for a new team where members do not know each other well yet, and therefore collaboration is somewhat limited.

In a team development workshop, we focus on individual working and communication styles by using a well-know typology such as DISC/Jung or the team roles/Belbin and highlight the characteristics of each of the roles. By obtaining an understanding of own personal preferences and those of colleagues and intense interactions among team members in the workshop, a higher level of understanding of team dynamics is achieved. This lays a solid basis for a successful future co-operation.

Also, rely on us when you would like to include an external sparring partner in the strategy building process of your company or your department. This may result in an interactive workshop with your management team and critical stakeholders with the aim of discussing your strategic options, questioning prevailing opinions and the status quo, and collectively defining and formalizing your long-term strategy, mission and vision to ensure the alignment and commitment of all parties involved.

To sum up, our services include:

  • Designing, developing and conducting team building workshops in order to achieve a higher level of cohesiveness, productivity and effectiveness
  • Conducting management workshops to capture the knowledge of relevant stakeholders, question prevailing points of view with the aim to define a strategy that is supported by all the stakeholders

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